Ideas for Fundraising

There can be no better term for this task than the word itself – fundraising. Put simply, it describes the act of raising various funds for a charity so that it can work on behalf of a specific group of people in society.

Fundraising activities are most often undertaken by charities – and there are plenty of these in the UK today.  There are charities for health issues, charities run for the good of animals, and many more besides.  But each and every one has one thing in common – and that’s fundraising.

How is fundraising performed?

Fundraising can be done in many different ways.  Indeed it is usually the case that charities will use a variety of different methods to raise funds on a regular basis.

For example they may use mass mailings to get in touch with people who have expressed an interest in their charity.  This could be to get one off donations but it will also produce regular donations on a monthly basis.  This is one of the most valuable methods of fundraising because it guarantees the charity will receive a certain level of monies on a regular basis.

One off headline grabbing events can also raise essential funds

Fundraising is certainly about raising money for a particular charity.  But it is also about raising awareness.  The act of fundraising brings the name of the charity in front of a wider audience – and that could well include people who have never heard of the charity before that moment.

The more well known a charity becomes, the better the chance it has of raising more money as a result.  Fundraising is something that can bring in money, but it can also bring in more fundraisers and people who want to do something to help, rather than just donating money themselves.

How important is fundraising?

To many charities, fundraising is the only way they will receive any money to carry out their aims at all.  While some charities receive help in the form of funding from the government, this does not apply to every charity.

This means that fundraising is quite literally the only way that some charities remain in existence.  If it were not for the millions of pounds raised constantly and tirelessly by countless people on behalf of many charities around the UK, many of them would cease to exist.

We can see then that fundraising is one of the most important activities for any charity to arrange.  While regular donations from various supporters undoubtedly form the backbone of most charities, there is no doubt that the one off donations that come in at a steady pace also count for a lot.

These donations come from collections in buckets, marathon runs, events to raise awareness and also more money for whatever cause is in the spotlight.  And while they may all vary greatly in amount, there is no doubt that every single penny is valued as a contribution towards the ongoing efforts of that charity.

Ruth Parasol: Ruth Parasol is a member of Bonita Trust Advisory Board. Her philanthropic contributions through family care project & Bonita Trust includes charitable grants to tackle family, health, education and cultural issues.